The III Congress of Agricultural Sciences
"Science for Practice"

under the motto:

"Scientific research in the process of defining Polish vision
of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy"


The III Congress of Agricultural Sciences will take place on 10 September 2015 in Warsaw. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is the organiser of the Congress of Agricultural Sciences.

Approximately 500 invited guests will participate in the Congress, including the representatives of science and farm consultancy, representatives of the recipients of scientific research, institutions and organisations of the agro-food sector and the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Poland, Parliament of the Republic of Poland, including the Sejm and Senat Agricultural Committee, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Embassies accredited in Poland.

The III Congress of Agricultural Sciences is a continuation of the previous two congresses, during which scientific communities meet with the recipients of research results.

The first Congress of Agricultural Sciences was organised at the initiative of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Marek Sawicki in May 2009 in Puławy – the cradle of Polish agricultural sciences. The date of the Congress coincided with the 5th anniversary of Poland's admission into the European Union, which gave the Congress a distinct significance. The Congress was held under the motto "The future of the agri-food sector and rural development" and was aimed at the integration of the scientific community with the objectives of the agricultural policy and innovative solutions for the organisation, technology and techniques in agricultural production, agri-food processing and rural development.

The second Congress of Agricultural Sciences was held in Warsaw in October 2011. The proceedings of the II Congress of Agricultural Sciences have indicated the proposals for strategic research programmes, aimed at improving the cooperation efficiency between science and economy. It has enriched the Polish contribution to the discussion on the "Strategy for the European Research Agenda on agriculture" and allowed to evaluate the activities carried out in agriculture and rural areas under the Common Agricultural Policy.

The III Congress of Agricultural Sciences aims to indicate the directions of scientific research, whose completion and results will effectively promote the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy, as well as the work to shape the future changes to these policies by Poland. Individual sessions during the Congress (plenary – two part and seven panel discussions) should provide an answer, in which directions should research be taken in order for the Polish agri-food sector to efficiently compete both on the internal and external markets. The proceedings during the Congress also aim indicate how should the Polish vision of community policies on agriculture, food, including seafood, and aquaculture, as well as the directions of rural development be shaped. The propositions for comprehensive research should take into account the considerations of the factors affecting the efficiency of food production under the projected climate change, its impact on biodiversity, the rationale of managing technological water resources, as well as the application of biological laws governing the processes throughout the food production chain in the world of plants, animals, and the environment in which it is produced.

Minister Marek Sawicki has established the Science and Organising Committee of the III Congress of Agricultural Sciences. The Congress will be organised in the form of two plenary sessions, seven panel sessions and a poster session.